The Developing Improvisor Vol 4 "The Melodic Minor Scale"

Ramon Ricker

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The Melodic Minor Scale This study focuses on understanding and using the melodic minor scale in jazz improvisation. It includes detailed study notes, great musical examples and a play along Cd to work out your new found knowledge with a high caliber jazz rhythm section of piano, bass, saxophone and drums. This study is for all instruments and contains play along charts for Cinstruments, Bb, Eb and bassclef

Table of contents

Part One: Background

Part 2: Theory

Modes of the Melodic Minor Scale
Diatonic 7th Chords
How to Practice Diatonics
Melodic Minor Scales with a Passing Tone
Application of Melodic Minr scales to Various Chord Types
summary of Melodic Minor Chord Scale relationships

Part 3: Workouts

Melodic Minor Workouts
How to Practice Workouts

Part 4: Applying Melodic Minor Scales:

to Minor II/V/I and V/I Progressions
with passing tones to Minor II-V-I progressions
with a passing tone scale applied to a V-I progression

Part 5 Using the melodic minor scale in Improvisation:

Selected repetoire
Notes on recordedTracks