All Instruments Play along J. Abersold #16

Item# JAC009
Bk & 2 CD's: $ 20.90
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Intermediate/advanced level. If you have been working on playing scales, chords, and harmony in general, this set is the next step towards getting your ears and fingers coordinated. Set contains 5 Turnaround Tracks, 6 Cycle Tracks, Coltrane Blues, Some of The Things I Am (an exercise in substitute II/V7's), Joy Stick, 6 II/V7 Tracks, Coltrane Changes in All 12 Keys, Bb Rhythm Changes (slow tempo), and Guess What Key I'm In. Twenty-three tracks in all and almost all go through all 12 keys!! Rhythm section is Jamey Aebersold, piano; John Clayton, bass; Mike Hyman, drums; and others. 5 Turnaround Tracks 6 II/V7 Tracks 6 Cycle Tracks Coltrane Changes in All 12 Keys Coltrane Blues Guess What Key I'm In Bb Rhythm Changes Some of The Things I Am & and more Stereo seperation on the Playalong CD is: The left channel includes bass and drums, while the right channel contains piano or guitar and drums. The book includes the music written in C, Bb, Eb and bassclef.

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