Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns

Nicolas Slonimsky

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This is an exhaustive study of scales and patterns. It is based on dividing the octave into various numbers of equal parts. This study is not coming from any specific idiom such as jazz or classical but may very well be used in application to any idiom. It is a written enharmonically, no key signatures and can be used by all instruments. This 250 page book is a great source for new ideas for improvisation or composition. There are many references made to the masters in the studies and there is an explantion of terms.

Table of Contents
Tritone Progression
Ditone Progression

Sesquitone Progression

Wholetone Progression

Semitone Progression

Quadritone Progression

Sequiquadritone Progression

Quinquetone Progression

Diatessaron Progression

Sepitone Progression

Diapente Progression

Sequiquinquetone Progression

Hepatonic Scales

Hepatonic Arpeggios

Pentatonic Scales Bitonal Arpeggios

Twelve Tone Patterns

Crossing Intervals Division of Twelve Tones into Four Mutaully Exclusive Triads

Quadritonal Arpeggios

Invertible Dodecaphonic Progressions

Intervallic Studies..Increasing and Diminishing Intervals Mirror Interval Progressions

Complimentary Scales


Pandiatonic Progressions

Double Notes

Plural Scales and Arpeggios

Polytonal Scales Polyrhythmical Scales

Polytonal polyrhythmical Scales

Palindromic Canons

Autochordal Harmonization

Harmonization in Major Triads and seventh Chords

Synopsis of Chords

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