Encyclopedia of The Pivot System - For all Brass Players

Dr Ronald Reinhart

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The PIVOT SYSTEM is a scientific, practical, proven method of producing the utmost in range, power, endurance and flexibility on the trumpet, trombone and all other cupped-mouthpiece brass instruments. It originated not only through forty years of researt:h and cxperimenta- tion in practical playing, teaching, writing and lecturing to many thou- sands of professionals, semi-professionals, supervisors, teachers, students, etc. , but also through designing and producing personalized mouthpieces and being consultant of instrument design for several leading manufacturers of brass instruments.

This system, working on tried and tested principles, fIrst of all analyzes and diagnoses the physical equipment of the playerr and then presents a specific, concrete set of rules and procedures which enable the individual to utilize, with the greatest possible efficiency, the lips, teeth, gums, jaws, and general anatomy with which he is naturally endowed. The study of the PIVOT SYSTEM is absolutely essential for all brass instrument per- formers because strict adherence to a musical approach deprives the student of basic mechanical necessities which are vital to his uninterrupted improvement on the instrument.