Jazz Improv - Method for Improvisation based on the Concept of

Tension and Resolve - Jimmiy Amadie

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In the 1950s, Jimmy Amadie was the pianist of choice for such artists as Mel Torme, Woody Herman, Red Rodney and Charlie Ventura, and in 1960 he led the house trio at New York's Copacabana.

Says the Author about this book:

"The purpose of this text is to introduce a system of improvisation that can be put into immediate practice. It does not depend on the study of isolated theoretical concepts before it becomes useful for jazz improvisation. Rather then simply supplying information for the student to use,as he or she see's fit,the text will guide towars greater understanding of how the information can fit into a system that frees the student from mere imitation and routine pattern making and enables the student to improvise creatively because you will use both your mind and your ear"

This is a 150 page book with an incredible amount of clearly written, understandable text. Devoted to all aspects of the improvised line. it includes the following standards to illustrate the many concepts provided:

Yardbird Suite
The Theme
Take the A Train
Out of Nowhere
All the Things You Are
Prince Albert

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