The Jazz Ballad


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The jazz ballad provides our greatest opportunity for lyrical expression and represents the surest way to the musical heart. Traditionally, it has been the testing ground for a performer�s worth, yet it is largely missing in our present musical culture and is seldom addressed in learning situations. Jerry Coker is recognized for his ability to create inspired ballad performances, and his many students of the past and present know that he also has the ability to share his unique understanding of the jazz ballad with others. "The Jazz Ballad - Experience Ultimate Expression" is a comprehensive study, guiding the reader, step by step, through the necessary topics and activities that lead to heightened understanding and enhanced performance. Topics include criteria for tune selection, modification possibilities, rhythm section concepts for ballad playing, options for introductions and endings, appropriate ways to approach the melody and subsequent improvisation, and with consideration of spiritual and attitudinal preparation. The accompanying CD provides aural clarifications of the ideas presented in the text, as well as a play-along track that features a splendid rhythm section. "Jerry Coker has done it again!" So James Moody begins his foreword for Jerry�s soon to be published book and CD, The Jazz Ballad ... Experience Ultimate Expression. Moody points out that ballad playing is "exposed" soloing. David Liebman, in his foreword for the book writes, "What it comes down to is that the ballad is what people will remember ... Jerry Coker gets it all right here as he always has throughout his illustrious writing career." With characteristic generosity of nature, Jerry conveys his reverence for the heartfelt beauty of a masterfully and sweetly rendered ballad; a neglected art in peril of extinction. That it is a challenge musically is examined, with specific recommendations for success. That it is spiritually nourishing is demonstrated in the accompanying CD, which also demonstrates the wrong approach with its message-killing effect. For all levels, this study acts as incentive to rise to new heights of artistry.