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Item# JBA013
2 Bk's & CD: $ 21.95
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Transcribed bass lines to chord changes from Charlie Parker Jazz standards exactly as Ron Cater played them. This is a very important set of tunes to have under you belt as a jazz bassist as well as the advantage of studying Ron Carter's incredible walking technique. Includes CD a two books, one book of all the trascribed bass lines and another with Chord changes and melodies written in Bass Clef, Treble clef, Bb and Eb. The CD is in stereo seperation so you can turn off the bass and play along witht the piano and guitar.
  • Billy's Bounce
  • Confirmation
  • Dewey Square
  • Donna Lee
  • My Little Suede Shoes
  • Now's the Time
  • Ornithology
  • Scrapple From the Apple
  • Thriving From A Riff
  • Yardbird Suite

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