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Inside The Big Band Drum Chart

cover Inside the Big Band Drum Chart is a first of its kind drum method that uses traditional and contemporary arrangements performed by a 17 piece jazz ensemble as the vehicle to study beats, musical form, ensemble phrasing, articulation, and interpretation. For each arrangement, there is talk through information explaining how the composition is played as well as transcriptions of key beats and melodic information that connects the written drum part to the music. The 248 page book includes a 2.5 hour MP3 CD and an hour long DVD demonstrating every exercise in the text. Also included are anecdotes and interviews with legendary big band drummers and arrangers such as Louie Bellson, Jake Hanna, Phil Wilson, Mark Taylor and Bob Curnow.


Notation and Terminology
Drum Set Notation
The Chart Talk Through
Big Band Forms
Reading and Interpretation Ideas
Rhythmic Interpretation1
Alternate Notation for Time
Basic Chart Reading Terminology
Time Keeping Elements
The Bass Drum
The Hi-Hat
The Ride Cymbal
Swingin´┐Ż and the Groove (two and four/one and three)
Articulation Markings and Musical Shape
Short Articulation Exercise with Quarter Notes
Short Articulation Exercise with Eighth Notes
Short Articulation Exercise with Quarters and Eighth Notes
Long Articulation Exercise
Long and Short Articulation Combinations Example One
Long and Short Articulation Combinations Example Two
Contemporary Interpretation Exercise One
Contemporary Interpretation Exercise Two
The Big Band Sound
Drum Heads
Set Up The Band!
Parallel Motion
Counter Point
Connector Material
Building a Fill Vocabulary for Band Figures
Figure Connector Study 1
Figure Connector Study 2
Figure Connector Study 3
Figure Connector Study in 3/4
Figure Connector Study in 5/4
Trumpet One Phrase Shapes
Tempo Transition Examples
Preliminary Charts
Preliminary Chart 1- Swing
Preliminary Chart 2- Shuffle
Preliminary Chart 3- Ballad
Preliminary Chart 4- Samba
Preliminary Chart 5- Funk
Big Band Arrangements with Analysis
Blaine Street
Bottom End Shuffle
Good Night Story
Swing Open
People and Places
Solos and Transcriptions
Sing Sing Sing
Skin Deep
West Side Story
Drum Solo Breaks
Ensemble Shout Chorus Transcription Excerpts
Big Band Drumming Innovators and Innovations
Big Band Recordings Discography
Drum Methods Discography
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