Wes Montgomery / Jazz Guitar Artistry

Transcribed by Zafar Saood

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A collection of 14 of Wes Montgomery's great jazz guitar solos transcribed directly from recorded performances. Included are such landmark solos as Work Song; Sack o' Woe; Unit 7; Fallout; Jeanine; Blue Roz; Full House; Mi Cosa; Doujie; Missile; Blues; and others. All solos are in notation and tablature. Most of the pieces can be heard on Riverside's "Wes Montgomery: The Complete Riverside Recordings." The new revised edition matches the recordings much more closely than the first edition, with more detailed rhythms in several pieces. All of Wes' original solos are faithfully transcribed here in notation and tablature for your study. The book also contains general performance notes, a chronological discography, and a touching biographical essay.

Sample Page
  Song Title:


  Blue Roz   John Leslie (Wes) Montgomery
  Double Deal   John Leslie (Wes) Montgomery
  Doujie   John Leslie (Wes) Montgomery
  Fallout   Nat Adderly
  Full House   John Leslie (Wes) Montgomery
  Jeannine   Duke Pearson
  Jingles   John Leslie (Wes) Montgomery
  Mi Cosa   John Leslie (Wes) Montgomery
  Missile Blues   John Leslie (Wes) Montgomery
  Sack O' Woe   Julian "Cannonball" Adderly
  So Do It   John Leslie (Wes) Montgomery
  Something Like Bags   John Leslie (Wes) Montgomery
  Unit 7   Sam Jones
  Work Song   Nat Adderly