Complete Jazz Guitar Method Bk, CD, DVD

Mike Christiansen

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Bk, CD, DVD: $ 34.95
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If you're getting into jazz or expanding your jazz chops, this comprehensive approach is for you. From comping and chord voicings to single-note soloing, you will learn, step by step, the tools necessary for playing jazz guitar. The book is easy to understand and contains hundreds of great-sounding playable examples to serve as springboards for applying the concepts to jazz standards or your own compositions. Whether you're into traditional jazz or fusion, this book has it all. In notation and tablature. CD and DVD included.
Chord Symbols and Abbreviations
Time Values
Swing Rhythm
Strumming Notation
Barre Chords
Dead-String Chords
Bass-String Chords (ala Freddy Green)
Chord Inversions (Four-String Chords)
Altered Seventh Chords
Major Scales
Tonal Centers (Major)
The m7b5 Chord
Minor Scales
Tonal Centers (Minor)
Chord Construction
Connecting Chord Forms
Chord Embellishment
How to Transpose
Common Chord Progressions
Chord Substitution
Blues Progression
Pentatonic Scales
Blues Scale
Diminished Chords
Diminished Scale
Augmented Chords
Whole Tone Scale
Latin Rhythms
Dorian Mode
Mixolydian Mode
Combining Modes
Improvising Over the ii-V-I Progression
Lydian Mode
Aeolian Mode
Phrygian Mode
Locrian Mode
Super Locrian Mode
Arpeggio Sequences
Guide Tones
Constructing A Solo
Secondary Arpeggios
The Parker Cycle
The Coltrane Cycle
Improvising Around a Melody
Quartal Harmony
Playing The Blues Using Quartal Harmony
Chord Substitution Using Quartal Harmony
Single Note Soloing Using Fourths
Geometrical Shapes
Table of Scales And Their Uses