Jump, Jive, 'n' Swing Guitar

Keith Wyatt Bk & CD

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Book CD: $ 19.95
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In this book, Keith Wyatt leads you carefully through all the techniques you need to play swing rhythm guitar. Keith covers blues progressions, swing chord voic ings, comping patterns, rhythm feels, bass lines, horn-style riffs, and much more! The included CD contains full demonstrations of all the music examples-compl ete with a full swing band that you can play-along with. All music examples are written in standard notation and tab. All you need is the Zoot suit! Learn: Swin g Comping Techniques, 2, 3, and 4-note Swing Chord Voicings, Major and Minor Swing Blues Progressions, Turnarounds, Intros and Endings, and Freddie Greene style .