George Van Eps Vol 3

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The most in-depth, revolutionary presentation of the harmonic framework of music as applied to the guitar fingerboard ever presented. Leads to total mastery of harmonic and technical aspects of the guitar. The material in this landmark series of 3 massive volumes addresses virtually every aspect of playing jazz guitar representing the fruits of years of the author's investigation of harmony and fingerboard mobility. This series of books leads to total mastery of the harmonic and technical aspects of the guitar. In notation only. 328 pp.
General Remarks
The Left Hand - A Precision Measuring Device
A Rudimental Description of the Concepts in This Volume
String Chart
General Remarks

Chapter 1: Articulated Tenths
General Remarks
The Right Hand Alternation
Walking Tenths
12 Keys - One Octave - Tonic to Tonic - Major and Minor
Double 10ths - 12 Keys - Major and Minor
Arpeggios - 12 Keys - Major and Minor
Variations Through the Cycle of Fifths

Chapter 2: Articulated Sixths
Walking Sixths
General Remarks
Major and Minor

Chapter 3: Stagger Concept
General Remarks
Basic Explanation
Stagger Examples: Harmonic Minor
Stagger Examples: Major and Minor
Stagger: Triad Voices

Chapter 4: Odd Against Even
String Chart
3 Against 2
4 Against 3
5 Against 4

Chapter 5: The Satellite Concept
String Chart
The Satellite Note Principle
Immediate Resolution - General Remarks

Chapter 6: The Displaced Concept

Chapter 7: Progressive Motion
The "Grande Arpeggios"

Chapter 8: Diminished Studies

Miscellaneous Reminiscence
Chapter 9: Articulated 6ths to 11ths - Progressions - Contrary Motion
General Remarks: The Eloquence of Andr�s Segovia
Remarks: Progression
The Continuous Loop