Jazz Blues Styles

Joe Diorio

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Jazz Blues Solos presents guitar solos in the styles of Charlie Parker, Thelonius Monk, Sonny Rollins, and other jazz blues greats. Within the context of the blues, this book teaches: styles of jazz blues; jazz ideas, phrases, and licks; jazz syncopation, the rhythmic language of jazz; jazz phrasing, the breath of jazz; how to use the triplet, altered chords, and slash chords; how to reharmonize the blues; a new innovative vocabulary of jazz chord sequences; how to use fragments of the chords to outline the harmony and create interesting new sounds; and how to play walking bass lines with chords. Diorio's "Right Brain Guitarist´┐Ż" approach helps to direct your playing with your intuitive sense as opposed to your logical sense. The accompanying CD will help convey the subtle nuances of the music. 48 pages.
Introduction to Solos
Solo 1: Sonny's Blues
Solo 2: Sonny's syncopated blues
Solo 3: Altered chord blues
Solo 4: Bird and Sonny Blues
Solo 5: Monk s Blues
Solo 6: The Bluesy Blues
Solo 6: The Bluesy Blues (cont.)
Solo 7: Bird Blues
Solo 8: Parkers New Blues
Solo 9: Two Note Blues
Solo 10: Flat Five Blues
Solo 11: Octaves a la Wes Blues
Solo 12: Comping Blues
Solo 13: The Low Strings Blues
Solo 14: Accompany Yourself Blues
Solo 15: Walking Bass with Chords Blues
Solo 16: The Walking Bass Bird Blues
Blues for All Space Cadets
Introduction to Chord Examples and Progressions Blues Progressions
Chord Example 1
Chord Example 2
Chord Example 3
Chord Example 4
Chord Example 5
Chord Example 6
Chord Example 7
Chord Example 8
Chord Example 8 (cont.)
Chord Example 9
Chord Example 10
Chord Example 11
Chord Example 12
Chord Example 13
Chord Example 14
Chord Example 15
Chord Example 16
Right Brain Guitarist Study Guide
Cultivating a Creative Environment
Gesture Improvising
Practicing Without the Instrument
Take a Risk a Day
Keeping Yourself Inspired Seven Days a Week