Jazz Scales for Guitar

Corey Christiansen

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This book will teach guitarists how to construct and play the scales and modes used in jazz improvisation. While techniques and ideas of the jazz language outside of the scales are note specifically addressed in this book, it is hoped that the student will learn where and how different scales may be applied in jazz improvisation. Each scale is presented with standard notation, tablature, and fingering patterns. Recordings of the chord progressions and etudes are provided so the student can hear how these scales may be used in real life situations. 80 pages.

Major Scales
Major Scale Modes
Aeolian Mode
Dorian Mode
Phrygian Mode
Lydian Mode
Mixolydian Mode
Locrian Mode
Harmonic, Melodic, and Jazz Melodic Minor Scales
Lydian Dominant Scales
Altered Scales
Bebop Scales
Major Bebop Scales
Dorian Bebop Scales
Mixolydian Bebop Scales
Pentatonic Scales
Major Pentatonic Scales
Minor Pentatonic Scales
Blues Scales
Symmetrical Scales
Diminished (Whole-Half) Scales
Diminished (Half-Whole) Scales
Whole-Tone Scales
Chromatic Scales