The Art of Solo Guitar, Book 2

Jody Fisher Alf 7- 1056

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The Jazz Guitarist's Guide to Solo Guitar Arranging. In this two-book series, popular clinician and author Jody Fisher clarifies and simplifies the art of creating an arrangement and improvising as a solo guitarist. In his easy-to-understand and enjoyable style, this master of solo guitar teaches all of the theory, technique and arranging skills you need to start a lifelong journey as a solo guitarist. As the author says, "Becoming a solo guitarist is an ongoing learning experience that will reward you with a highly personal form of expression. As a solo guitarist, you will be completely self-reliant; your skills will free you from dependency on anyone else. Also, these skills will transfer directly to group playing, so you can't really lose." Book 1 focuses on the nuts and bolts of playing solo guitar. Basic fingerboard knowledge and theory are covered, followed by extensive information about chords and harmony and basic arranging skills. Book 2 focuses on more advanced arranging techniques and adding the element of improvisation to your solo work. You will also find lots of information about ornamentation, the various musical and stylistic feels and many aesthetic considerations. This comprehensive arranging method is a must for any jazz guitarist. 96 page Book