Jazz Chops for Guitar

Buck Brown

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Great musical ideas need great chops to back them up. Build your finger strength, flexibility and independence with this exercise book from one of America?s leading guitar schools. Jazz Chops covers the finger independence needed for smooth, rapid changes between complex jazz chords in the context of important progressions, such as ii-V-I. Develop your chops practicing exercises in the style of music you enjoy!

Table of Contents

Introduction About the Author

Chapter l-Alternate Picking
Right-Hand Damping
Finger Independence
Eighth Notes Acros~ the Fingerboard
Eighth-Note Triplets Across the Fingerboard
Combined Finge.ring Triplets
Across the FIngerboard
Shifting Eighth Notes Up the Fingerboard
Chromatic Exercises
Sliding Exercises
F Major Modes- Two Notes Per String


Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs
Double and Multiple Hammer on's
Pull off's
Double Pull Off's
Hammer On Pull off Combinations

Chapter 3-Scale Combinations

More Scale Combinations
Going Up and Down the Fingerboard Quickly

Chapter 4- Cross Picking, String Skipping, Finger Rolls,

Arpeggio Patterns
Major Linkages
13th Arpeggios

Chapter 5- Sweeping, Rolling, Double Stops,

Sweeping Down
Two-in-a-Row Sweeps
Sweeping Up
Double and Triple Stops

Chapter 6-Chords
Anchor Fingers
Multiple Anchor Fingers
Shifting 58 Stretching in Chords

Chapter 7 -Comping

Four to the Bar
Pick and Fingers
Two-Note Voicings
Three-Note Voicings
Parallel and Contrary Motion
Counter Lines and Common Tones
Pedal Tones