Almanac of Guitar Voice Leading Vol 2

Mick Goodrick

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This is a 250 page study including thousands of possibilities. In Mick's own words describing this book:

"This present book finishes the task (begun with Volume I) of completing 'The Mother Lode." (Fellow guitarist Joe Diorio came up with this name when he received an advance copy of Volume I.) Both volumes combined contain 600-plus pages. Are you ready for some assembly? -Do you have batteries?

In Volume I, all the chords have names.

In Volume ll, none of the chords have names.

You may be asking "Why is that?" I would answer that it seemed like a good idea at the time...

Actually, the reason that all the chords in Volume II are left nameless is that the names one might use get complicated. [Cmaj9th(noSth), for example.] Also, these names could easily tend to limit how the chords could be used. Since the chords in Volume II revolve around structures of 4th intervals and 2nd intervals, they are more ambiguous sounding than the structures in Vol- ume I. Also, in many cases they are more flexible in terms of multiple functions. But the truth be told, "it just seemed like a good idea at the time. .." (and I'm going to stick with it!)

Volume II contains 3-part 4ths, 4-part 4ths and spread clusters voice-led through all 6 cycles in C Major, C Melodic Minor and C Harmonic Minor. If we add this material to all the material in Volume I, we have "The Mother Lode." (We'll start referring to it as the M-Lode. ..)

Benefits from using this book

  • Better knowledge of the fingerboard

  • Better knowledge of Major, Melodic Minor, and Harmonic Minor scales (both melodically and harmonically).

  • Better knowledge of counterpoint

  • Better knowledge of using open strings with other, fretted notes

  • Increased ability to move 2, 3, 4 (and possibly 5) voices more or less independently

  • Increased comping skills

  • Increased compositional skills

  • Increased improvisational skills .Increased teaching skills .Increased humility

    "This is also the ultimate do-it-yourself book. How so? READ ON!"

    Mick Goodrick