Essential Jazz Lines in the Style of Joe Pass

for Guitar w/tab, Bk & CD

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Item# JGU154
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Presents hundreds of improvised melodic lines played by Joe Pass. Each of the melodic lines are grouped in the harmonic situation in which they were originally played (i.e. all minor lines are presented together and all dominant seventh lines are presented together, etc). The companion play along CD has a "live" rhythm section playing single chord vamps as well as vamps covering all twelve keys for each harmonic situation. An etude over the changes to Satin Doll shows how to apply the various lines and create improvised solos.


One-Measure Minor Seventh Material
Two-Measure Minor Seventh Material
One-Measure Dominant Seventh Material
Two-Measure Dominant Seventh Material
One-Measure "Two-Five" Material
Two-Measure "Two-Five" Material
One- and Two-Measure Major Chord Material
Minor "Two-Five" Material
Short ii-V-I
Long ii-V-I
Minor ii-V-I
Solo Using Joe Pass Lines
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