All Intros and Endings for Jazz Guitar

Bebop, Swing, Latin, Ballads - Jim Ferguson

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The fifth book from Jim Ferguson, All Intros & Endings features dozens of hip intros and endings that you can use not only for gigs, but also as a staring point for developing your own ideas. There are chord progressions, voice-led ending chords, vamps (bebop, swing, Latin, and ballads), extended ideas, classic intros, and many concepts which are designed to provide the player with the material to fuel his or her own creativity. It includes sections on the major #11 and minor-major 7th chords, and symmetrical devices. Notation and tablature with a 44-track CD.

Table of Contents


1. Common Chord Progressions-- An Introduction
Major I-VI-II-Vs
Minor I-VI-II-Vs
Other Progressions

2. What Chord Do I End On?-- Giving Listeners Something To Remember
Voice Leading Basics
Major #11 Chords & Resolutions
Minor-Major 7th Chords & Resolutions
Other Ending Chords

3. Vamps-- Repetitive Intros & Endings with Cool Grooves & Chords
Bebop/Swing Vamps
Medium & Uptempo Vamps
Jazz Waltz Vamps
Ballad Vamps
Bluesy Vamps
Latin Vamps
Quasi Montunos

4 Intros & Endings-- Putting Extended Ideas Together
Starting with the Last Eight
"I Really Mean It" & The Whole-Step Shift
Sequences & Symmetrical Chords & Relationships
Stock & Less Standard Intros & Endings
Two Classic Intros

Notational Symbols
About the Author

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