Jazz Intros and Endings

Ron Eschete

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Jazz Intros and Endings offers 60 intros and endings for songs in many keys and styles. Ron is a well known and admired guitar player having played with Ray Brown, Gene Harris, Ella Fitzgerald, among many others. These harmonically rich phrases offer many great ideas and insight into creating your own intros and endings. Book is in standard notation with chord diagrams and has CD featuring all the examples.
  Song Title:


  "Cool school" intros & endings  
  About the author  
  Blues and gospel style  
  Chromatic bossa nova  
  From flat 5th chord  
  Minor vamps  
  More songs starting on the ii chord  
  More starting on the flat 5th chord  
  Normal turnaround for songs starting on the I chord  
  Pedals & vamps  
  Songs beginning on the ii chord  
  Songs starting on the i chord  
  V-Vi-ii-V turnarounds