Guitar Arpeggio Studies on Jazz Standards

Mimi Fox Bk & CD

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An in-depth approach to mastering arpeggios for guitarists, beginning with simple arpeggio studies, this book progresses through simple concepts and tunes then proceeds to tackle some of the great standards that jazz musicians play. The lesson concludes with advanced arpeggio concepts including super-imposition of unusual arpeggios over various chord types to create startling tonal clusters. This is a must-have for all serious guitarists who want to achieve great technique while developing their sense of harmony. Companion CD included.
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  About the Author  
  Advanced Arpeggio Concepts  
  All the Things You Ain't  
  Arpeggio Studies Over Standards  
  Arpeggio Studies Through a Piece of Music  
  Chord/Arpeggio Shapes  
  Day and Night  
  II V I Studies  
  Summertime Arpeggios  
  Triad Shapes  
  Winter Leaves