Getting Into Jazz Guitar

Bk & CD Jackie King

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This book provides the aspiring jazz guitarist a comprehensive knowledge of the compositional and performance techniques of jazz through an understanding of key-center music, improvisation, and visual-tactile relationship with the guitar. Writing in a casual, conversational style, Jackie takes you through examples, etudes, and exercises combining the use of chromaticism, arpeggios, scales, and modes. You will explore effective, new concepts that will surprise and inspire you. The companion play-along CD includes a "live" rhythm section. Written in standard notation and tablature.
Introduction -- Getting Into Jazz
Chapter 1: Harmonic Vocabulary and Tonal Music
Chapter 2: The Aesthetics of the Guitar
Chapter 3: Key Center Music
Chapter 4: Diatonic Harmony
Chapter 5: Improvising Over Chord Changes
Chapter 6: Solo Lines over Chord Changes
Chapter 7: Developing Staccato (Picking) and Legato (Slurring) Techniques
Chapter 8: Identifying Chromaticism TITLES