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Breaking The Skill Barrier, Andrew Green

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When improvising, what your mind hears is more often than not determined by what your body can reproduce on your instrument. Much of your conception as an improviser is determined by your technique. If you can?t play certain types of ideas, you are simply not going to conceive of them while you are improvising. Even if you could, it wouldn?t matter, since you couldn?t play them anyway. Serious chops building technical studies for single note lines and chords. Plus, the examples feature a lot of harmonic content. This book is about much more than technique...I believe this would be a great addition to any jazz guitarist's library. In standard notation only.
How to Use this Book
Suggestions for Practice
A Quick Discussion of Fingering

I - Learning the Neck
II - Picking

Cross - String Studies
Two-String Exercises
Three-String Exercises
Phrases and Patterns Across Two and Three Strings
Three and Four-String Arpeggios
Phrases and Patterns Across Three and Four Strings

Major Triads Across Six Strings
Minor Triads Across Six Strings

Complex Rhythms
Advanced Studies

Accenting Exercises
Phrasing Exercises

Grabbing Chords
Lines and Chords
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