Jazz Guitar Stylings of Howard Roberts

Mitch Holder & Patty Roberts

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The Jazz Stylings of Howard Roberts consists of transcriptions of melody, solo, comping examples and ensemble passages from Howard's extensive solo albums spanning from the '50's to the '70's in accurate detail. There is a bio of HR (as he was affectionately known to all of his acquaintances and fans) with personal comments from Pete Jolly, well known LA jazz and studio pianist who was best friends with Howard going back to their early days in Phoenix. An extensive section covers the history and development of the Epiphone� and Gibson� signature guitars that Howard created along with the Benson� amp story, which is told by Howard's original partner, Ron Benson, the first of the 'boutique' amplifier companies, so common today. Along the way, Howard's involvement with guitar education and publishing is described culminating in the opening of the Guitar Institute of Technology (now the Musicians Institute) in 1977. A discography of Howard's solo albums as well as the key hit records he played on and a list of the major motion picture soundtracks he participated in as a studio musician in Los Angeles are also included.
Dedication by Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter

Memories of Howard Roberts by Michael Anthony

Remembrances of Howard by Bob Bain

Author's Introduction by Mitch Holder

A Brief H.R. Biography

Bio Sidebar by Pete Jolly

The Sound Of Howard Roberts

Notes and Sources to the Transcriptions

Glossary of Symbols


Serenata Burlesca

Will You Still Be Mine

Easy Living

Theme to Route 66

When Lights Are Low

Hoe Down

Shiny Stockings

Down Under

Li'l Darlin'



Chim Chim Cher-ee

Autumn Leaves

Mr. Lucky

Winchester Cathedral

If She Walked Into My Life

The Face I Love

It's About Time


Quotes and Reminiscences

Appendix B

H.R.'s Toolbox: Mr. Roberts' Guitars

Appendix B

H.R.'s Toolbox: The Benson Amp Story by Ron Benson

Appendix C

A Selected Discography

Author Credits