Intuitive Improvisation


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Great improvisation is a combination of technical and theoretical skills, disciplined ears and intuition. The latter is probably the most important and the least often discussed. Fred Hamilton explores the intuitive and creative process through philosophy, tips to develop, hearing in the now, free improvisation and compositional structures. The 100-minute DVD features a concert performance by the Earl Harvin Trio, seven free improvisation workshops and an interview with Fred Hamilton, Earl Harvin and Dave Palmer.
The Inner Jam
Hearing in the Moment
Individual Exercises
Transcription Exercises
Group Exercises
Develop Historical Ears
Free Jazz
The Workshop Improvisations
Ears to Hear - Guitar Solo
The Groove Hookup - Guitar and Drums
Influence of the Ancient Ones - Bass and Piano
The Yin and Yang of Tonality - Guitar, Piano and Drums

Yin and Yang of Tonality
Blues Dues
Ancient of Days
A Face in the Mist
I knew You Before
Rhythmic Modulation and Layering - Piano, Bass and Drums
Check Out the Blueprints - Form
The Ballad, Style Can Determine Form - Piano, Bass and Drums
The Gig: The Earl Harvin Trio at Hailey's in Denton, Texas