Progressive Saxophone Method - Tenor or Alto

Book, CD and DVD

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Progressive Beginner SAXOPHONE assumes you have no prior knowledge of music or playing the saxophone. This book, CD and DVD can be useed by tenor or alto saxes and will show the basics of saxophone playing and reading music. The book is suitable for anyone who wants to learn to play the saxophone. No previous musical knowledge or experience is necessary. Each new note and technique is introduced separately and all examples sound great and are fun to play. The book also features a chart listing all fingerings for the saxophone. All saxophone players should know all of the information contained in this book. On completion of the book, you will be ready to begin improvising and playing with other musicians and will already be able to play many tunes and be making great sounds. There are two versions of each example on the CD. The first version is played by an alto Sax and the second version is played by a tenor sax.