The Aspiring Jazz Pianist

Debbie Denke

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Item# JPI024
Book and CD: $ 24.95
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The Aspiring Jazz Pianist will show you how to arrange and improvise to popular and jazz tunes in your own style using a clear, step by step method developed over many years by sucessful jazz pianist and teacher Debbie Denke. The Aspiring Jazz Pianist is designed either for personal instruction and benefits anyone who knows basic piano technique and the rudiments of music reading. The Aspiring Jazz Pianist will provide a practical approach to music theory; explain how to construct chords using easy to rmemeber formulas, teach you to apply sophisticated, good sounding chord voicings to any song, using a unique "play by numbers system:, reveal how to interpret lead sheets and "fake books". Show you how to play both as a solo pianist and also in a combo. Introduce arranging styles and devices including swing bass, walking bass, ballad, boogie woogie, Latin styles, and the "new age" sound. In addition, a convenient CD features both solo piano demonstrations and bass and drum accompaniments that let you practice playing with a rhythm section.