Jazz Studies for the Piano

Paul T. Smith Bk & CD

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These exercises for the contemporary pianist are musically enjoyable as well as technically demanding, and are written in all keys, rather than just in C. Most of them are figures which may be incorporated into solos that jazz players can play while improvising. These exercises supplement the traditional Hanon and Czerny exercises by moving into a more modern and progressive group of studies which are not found in the older exercises, and focusing less on scale patterns.
They are meant to be more fun to play and to give the student a chance to invent his or her own fingerings for the exercises. Two-handed exercises allow the student to work on strengthening the left hand as well as the right hand. The companion CD presents all of the exercises in the book as a guide to proper execution. This book was previously published as Exercises for the Contemporary Pianist.


Interval Exercises Ex. A
Interval Exercises Ex. B
Interval Exercises Ex. C
Interval Exercises Ex. D
Jazz Exercise for the Right Hand
Eight Bar Two-Handed Exercise in All Keys
Melodic Exercise
All-Key Arpeggios
Scales Galore
Double Note Exercise A
Double Note Exercise B
Fourths for the Right Hand
Octave Exercises
Exercises for 4-3 and 3-4
Puzzler for Left Hand
Coordination Exercise A
Coordination Exercise B
5/4 Exercise
Chromatic Octave Exercise
A Slightly Difficult Exercise
A More Difficult Exercise
The Silly Exercise