Introduction to Stride Piano

Judy Carmichael

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Here's a newly revised edition of stride pianist Judy Carmichael's first book of piano arrangements, featuring hit melodies in playable arrangements, practice drills and a brand new CD. The CD includes slow practice versions of each tune, plus additional tracks at the faster performance tempo

Table of Contents

Exercises For Mastering Stride Piano
Ain't Misbehavin'
Little Rock Getaway
Old Fashioned Love
I've Got Rhythm
I Would Do Anything For You
Honeysuckle Rose

C D Tracks

  • 1 Rosetta (slow, practice tempo )
  • 2 Ain't Misbehavin' (slow, practice tempo)
  • 3 Little Rock Getaway (slow, practice tempo)
  • 4 Old Fashioned Love (slow, practice tempo)
  • 5 Nagasaki (slow, practice tempo)
  • 6 I've Got Rhythm (slow, practice tempo)
  • 7 I Would Do Anything For You (slow, practice tempo)
  • 8 Honeysuckle Rose (slow, practice tempo)
  • 9 Rosetta (performance tempo)
  • 10 Ain't Misbehavin' (performance tempo)
  • 11 Little Rock Getaway (performance tempo)
  • 12 Old Fashioned Love (performance tempo)
  • 13 Nagasaki (performance tempo)
  • 14 I've Got Rhythm (performance tempo)
  • 15 I Would Do Anything For You (performance tempo )
  • 16 Honeysuckle Rose (performance tempo)