Forward Motion from Bach to Bebop

Hal Galper

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198 page book w/ Online Audio Demonstration
Galps sums it up in his own words at the beginning of Chapter Three: Improvising is the reordering of the notes of a scale into their strongest melodic possibilities. This book is chock full of ideas that most improvisers never thought of in such detail in order to achieve this reordering, or put simply, theme and variations ad infinitum. What Hal concentrates on for the most part is the very subject that is least discussed in texts of any sort, which is the use of jazz rhythm in order to improvise countless ways on a given line. With the emphasis on feeling the upbeat and half time as a measure of time along with other concepts Galper is explaining is offering countless ways of manipulating simple at first, and further on in the book, more complex material for unlimited possibilities. The Forward Motion theory uses concepts of displacement, sequential reordering, unusual accent points, appoggiaturas strategically placed and more.

David Liebman