Int Guide to Jazz Concepts, Improv, Tech & Theory

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Author: Sarah Jane Cion

Jazz pianist Sarah Jane Cion teaches the foundational concepts behind the wonderful world of jazz music. Modern Jazz Piano covers what every aspiring jazz pianist needs to know: jazz theory, harmony, rhythm, improvisation and more. The accompanying CD provides 15 full-band tracks to go along with the transcriptions inside the book.

“As a pianist, I've gained tons of knowledge from this book. As a publisher, I wish I had it in our catalog of published books. As a jazz fan, I can only say that Sarah Jane's CDs are on my most-listened-to shelf. If she is ever playing in your area, drop everything and go!”

– Ed Shanaphy, Editor, Piano Today Magazine

“Sarah Jane Cion has written a book which is clear, concise, easy to understand, practical and – most of all – fun to use.”

– Kenny Barron