Jazz Piano Master Class Vol I & II

Miles Black

Item# JPSW012
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The Jazz Piano MasterClass is a fully featured instructional music program containing interactive piano lessons. Master jazz pianist Miles Black is your teacher in a software program designed to illustrate basic skills to the beginning pianist while enhancing the skills of more advanced pianists.

You'll be studying over 60 topics such as Roots and Shells, Block Chords, Stride Piano, Playing the Blues, Scales, Common Progressions, Improvisation and more. All the lessons are accompanied by practice exercises, backing tracks, and are further illustrated with 11 tunes included in the program.

Feature rich Multimedia program

Learn with a Master!

Real Audio Sound Clip

Learning Piano has never been easier!

  • Digitally recorded audio lessons covering complete topics.
  • On-screen piano keyboard shows you which notes are being played.
  • Notes are color coded by hands.
  • Focus on any section with the versatile loop feature.
  • Print all the lessons and leadsheets (chords, and notation) to study anytime.
  • 10 Complete songs played with techniques from the lessons.
  • Learn at your own pace!

Versatile multimedia features.

  • Jump to any position in the lesson.
  • Jukebox mode for continuous play.
  • Mark and play your favorite lessons.
  • Play along with the lesson/exercise in real-time on your MIDI piano.

Learn the Skills.

Develop pro skills by studying the extensive piano exercises. Each exercise is accompanied by an 'exercise coach', containing tips on practicing, hand positions, tempos and more. Advanced multimedia features directly link each lesson to a suitable exercise. Loop, Pause, Advance and Backup controls make learning and practicing easy. With the Jazz Piano MasterClass you don't just hear how it's played, you see how it's played!

We've digitally recorded over 5 hours of verbal instruction, nearly 100 exercises, backing tracks, 11 study tunes, plus a practice tip for each exercise, all linked to powerful multimedia features, allowing you to see and hear note-for-note exactly what Miles Black is teaching. With the Jazz Piano MasterClass, you can study the lessons, hear the music, practice and play along with a top musician.
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP
PC Soundcard or MIDI module.
CD-ROM Drive