The Woodshedding Sourcebook Eb

Bk & CD

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This is the book you need to graduate from just playing scales to creating tasteful
melodic ideas from them. It systematically provides the notes and scales to use
with what chords along with rhthmical ideas. You gradually build up a vocabulary
of rhthmical and melodic possibilities, all the time playing along with the CD backing tracks. This is a unique study and a solution to the question of "How do I make scales sound like music? I want to learn to solo, what notes can I use, etc

This book/CD pack presents a proven approach to practicing and is, in essence, woodshedding in book form. Rehearsing with this method daily will improve technique, reading ability, rhythmic and harmonic vocabulary, eye/finger coordination, endurance, range, theoretical knowledge, and listening skills - all which lead to superior improvisational skills. The CD provides full rhythm section and harmonic background for all 66 exercises. The Woodshedding Sourcebook is the best thing to come out in years. It offers a clear picture on how to get from A to Z. - Jack Wheaton