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Jazz Saxophone Duets Vol 2

Jazz Sax Duets Vol 2

Jazz Saxophone Duets Vol 2 by Fishman continues in the same style of his original top selling duet book. The book features ten duets for two altos, two tenors or alto and tenor saxophone. the rhythm section plays all of the pieces in two different keys, allowing both alto and tenor players to read the same written part. This feature ensures that the parts lay perfectly on all saxophones. In addition, the second half of the book features the duets arranged for alto and tenor, making this one of the most flexible duet books on the market.

Jazz Playalong that can be used for 2 tenors, two altos or alto and tenor

Here is a sound Clip with the duet for alto and tenor

Sound Sample with alto and tenor duet

Sample Page
Price - $29.95
Item -SA250
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