Approaching the Standards Vol 2 - Trombone

Doctor Willie Hill Jr

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Complete list of Approaching the Standards


  • Now's The Time
  • Sugar
  • Honey Suckle
  • Maiden Voyage
  • Just Squeeze Me
  • Caravan
  • In a Mellow Tone
  • Perdido

  • This is another unique study on learning jazz improvisation. There are 8 Classic Jazz Standards in the book. Each of them is presented in 4 ways. For example, the first tune you find the head written out. Second, you will see a chord chart to solo over with the playalong CD. Third, there is a sample solo chorus which you listen to and analyze. Fourth there is a solo to transcribe by ear from the CD. Then there are improvisation tips, licks and tricks for help in improvising.

    The CD
    Each of the tunes are recorded twice with a full rhythm section, the first track has:

    1. Head
    2. Example Improvisation which is written out in the book for listening/analyzing
    3. Improvised Solo (listen and transcribe)
    4. Head

    The Second Track is a playalong you play the head and then solo over open choruses, head and out.

    Learn a Bebop head. Listen, read, analyze a great solo. Transcribe a solo. Play the head and solos along with a great rhythm section. A great way to study.
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