Range Building on the Trombone

Tom Erwin

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RANGE BUILDING FOR TROMBONE will assist trombonists in developing playing skills in the high range. The book's various chapters address skills far beyond merely "hitting the notes at all."

To begin, players must develop enough embouchure strength to produce the desired high pitches. That is a big project, but there is much more!

This book also attempts to help players develop the ENDURANCE to play high for some time (lead), the INTONATION to play pleasantly, the FINESSE to play high in a variety of styles, the ACCURACY AND RELIABILITY to play lead with confidence, and the AGILITY to play intricate passages.

There are many exercises here, each addressing high range in its own way.

The exercises here are not intended for young players, but for trombonists with several years of experience. Intermediate players would be well advised to consult a private teacher while working with these exercises, to avoid the accidental development of bad habits. Air, breathing and blowing should be working well before starting any high range projects.

Some range books from the past have suggested that students should practice QD1y the materials in those books, then put the horn away and rest. Probably such a regimen would build range, but at great cost; I disagree with that scheme. This book is not a "complete diet," and you should maintain your diversified practice of many different techniques and styles in all ranges.