Jazz Workbook, Volume 1 B-Flat Edition

Mile Donahue

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The Jazz Workbook (vol. 1) is a first of its kind book. Teaching single note instrumentalists (including guitarists) how to hear and play thru chord changes, this is the essential elements of jazz. The play along CD has no chord instrument included, thus the student can hear the sound of the chord on his or her own. This is a method book in which everything is written out for the student, so in turn, just playing thru the exercises in this book with or without a teacher will clear up many questions about harmony.

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Chapter One: Exercises
   Exercise I:    Diatonic chords
   Exercise II:    Diatonic Chords with Jazz Phrasing
   Exercise III:    Diatonic Modes
   Exercise IV:   Mixolydian Mode
   Exercise V:    Lydian Dominant
   Exercise VI:   Altered Dominant
   Exercise VII:   Dominant Scale (Diminished Approach)
Chapter Two: Songs
   "Confirmed Nation"
   "Soul Eye"
   "In Your Own Street Way"
   "It Could Happen"
      Guide Tone Exercise
      Scale Exercise
   "All That You Are"
      4-note Triadic Exercise
      3-note Triadic Exercise
      Triadic Exercise Variation 1
      Triadic Exercise Variation 2
   "Pink Dolphine Ave"
Chapter Three: Duets
   "Triple Double"
   "In the Pocket"
   "Waitin' for the Ice Cream Man"
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