The Art of Jazz Trumpet Complete

John McNeil

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This book and CD is the first comprehensive study of modern jazz trumpet playing. It contains a personal history of jazz trumpet, a selected discography and in-depth analysis of phrasing, articulation, valve technique and alternate fingerings. This book and CD also includes: Jazz Trumpet History: A Personal View; All in the Family - A Jazz Trumpet Family Tree; Jazz Articulation; Doodlin'; Multiple Tonguing; Improvising with Wide Intervals; Alternate Fingerings; Circular Breathing; Microphone Technique; Precision Valve Tehnique; Some Ideas About Practicing; The Martin Committee Connection. Exercises to develop jazz articulation, rhythmic diversity and finger coordination. This book includes: Introduction; Articulation Studies (No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, Blues in G, Rhythm Changes in C, Fourts and Seconds): Cross Accents; Finger Coordination; Alternate Fingering Drills (False Finger Study No.1; False Finger Study No. 2) ; Wide Intervals (Wide Interval Study No. 1, Wide Interval Study No. 2)