Daily Scale Builder for Trumpet or Cornet

Rob Roy McGregor

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Scales are an important building block in music and their mastery is an important part of every musician's journey. This volume is intended to help you learn these scales in a progressive manner. Once learned, a scale can be recognized as a whole and can greatly facilitate sight-reading and technical mastery.
A scale defines itself through its panicular combination of whole and half steps as it spans the octave. Every Major scale has a corresponding, or "Relative" Minor scale that shares the same key signature. The root (starting note, "first degree") of the Minor scale is the Major scale's 6th "degree" (or a minor third below the Major scale's root note, or "degree") An accompanying table follows which shows each Major scale and its Relative Minor scale in its four forms. The "Circle of Keys" shows how the keys and the Major and Minor scales relate to each other. Articulations have rarely been indicated so that the teacher may have the freedom to assign a scheme according to each student's needs. I would suggest that most exercises be slurred either totally or in comfortable groups.