"Volume 11"

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Beginning/intermediate level. This set contains much variety . . . rock, modal, and swing tunes. Eight songs written by Herbie Hancock that range from the funky Watermelon Man to the modal Maiden Voyage. Beginning improvisors will find many of the songs on this set a real treat with many containing only 3 or 4 chords at relaxed tempos. Intermediate players will enjoy the variety of styles to choose from and advanced players can get into the unusual changes and faster tempos on other tunes. This, like Volumes 5, 17, and 54, is another great transitional set to take you from learning your scales and chords to actually improvising on real jazz standards.
The rhythm section is Kenny Barron, piano; Ron Carter, bass; Billy Hart, on drums.

Cantaloupe Island
Watermelon Man
Maiden Voyage
Dolphin Dance
And What If I Don't
Eye of The Hurricane