Aebersold Playalong Bk and CD VOL 102

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Bk & CD: $ 15.90
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Intermediate/Advanced. Since his days with Dave Brubeck in the 1980s, Jerry's influence as a modern jazz tenor man has been undeniable. Less well-known are his tasty compositions, presented here in this collection for your enjoyment. Jerry has recorded all these songs on various Double-Time Jazz CDs!

Rhythm Section: Renato Chicco (p); Dave Santuro (b); Adam Nussbaum (d)


  • Out House
  • Red's Blues
  • The Ray
  • Sound Advice
  • Wiggy
  • Invisible Light
  • Wind Print
  • Inside Out
  • Con Brio
  • I Ching Reading
  • Simultaneious Looks
  • Optimum Propensity
  • Different Places Together

    This volume includes a high-quality stereo CD and a coordinated booklet with parts for all instruments - treble and bass clef, Bb, and Eb. The special stereo separation has the left channel recorded with bass and drums, while the right channel contains piano or guitar and drums. .