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This volume includes a high-quality stereo CD and a coordinated booklet with parts for all instruments - treble and bass clef, Bb, and Eb. The special stereo separation has the left channel recorded with bass and drums, while the right channel contains piano or guitar and drums. .

Intermediate/Advanced. Think Play-A-Longs and free jazz don't mix? Think again! Kenny Werner, author of the best-selling "Effortless Mastery" has put together a fantastic set that breaks down traditional boundries of rhythm, melody, and harmony to present a blank canvas of sounds, pulses, and colors to excite imagination. Book details ways to use this set to open new avenues of musical discovery.

Rhythm Section: Kenny Werner (p); Jahannes Weidenmueller (b); Ari Hoenig (d & Asst. Percussive Enhancements)

  • Random Sequence Piece
  • Just Sound Piece
  • Short Note Piece
  • Cascading Notes
  • Harmonic Piece
  • Free Rhythmic Groove
  • Drone In E
  • Time, No Changes
  • Fast Time With No Changes
  • Unaccompanied Drums
  • Unaccompanied Bass Piece
  • Unaccompanied Piano Piece
  • A Prayer In C Minor