Item# Jaeber102
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Intermediate/Advanced. 12 exciting jazz/rock and fusion tracks composed and performed by well-known keyboardist Dan Haerle. These tracks were recorded with a REAL drummer, giving them the important "human" touch often missing in all-electronic play along tracks. End the frustration of downloading feeble sounding mpgs full of glitches and spyware. Here's the real thing; exciting, full sounding tracks with a big presence!!!

Rhythm Section: Dan Haerle (keyboards & Synth Basses); Mike Myers (acoustic drums & percussion)

  • The Cat From Caracas
  • Samba de Luvsme
  • Crib Chimp
  • The Slither
  • The Spirit Soars
  • Back On The Track
  • Rising Star
  • The Essence
  • Breather
  • I've Got It
  • It Takes Two
  • Pentatonic

    This volume includes a high-quality stereo CD and a coordinated booklet with parts for all instruments - treble and bass clef, Bb, and Eb. The special stereo separation has the left channel recorded with bass and drums, while the right channel contains piano or guitar and drums. .