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Vol. 120 BLUES IN B3 FEELIN GOOD Play a long With B3 Organ

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This organ trio play a long set simply swings like no other! You will be sure to explore all that the blues form has to offer with a B 3 trio that will blow you away with their musicianship and feel. Famed saxophonist/educator Jerry Coker says this is one of his favorites. A great addition to your collection! Special stereo separation has drums and bass on both channels with guitar and organ split on different channels.
Rhythm Section: Bobby Floyd (B-3 Organ); Dave Stryker (guitar); Jonathan Higgins (drums) Incudes:
Boogaloo in Bb
Work Song
Slow Blues
Groove Blues
"Down Home" Blues
Bossa Blues
Killer Joe
Shuffle Blues
Modal Blues
"Dirty" Blues
....and 4 more!

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