Modal Jazz Composition and Harmony, Volume 2

Ron Miller

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The goal of Volume 2 of "Modal Jazz Composition & Harmony" is to continue the dissemination of information that presents a path of study for the aspiring jazz composer. Where Volume 1 of the book emphasized the preparation of a modal harmonic foundation, this volume will introduce concepts of melody writing and a study of the styles of jazz compositions that are an intrinsic addition to the contemporary jazz composer´┐Żs repertoire. Also included are chapters on harmonization and reharmonization techniques - as many of the concepts presented reflect an influence of Gil Evans, Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus as well as those of Herbie Hancock - and on pentatonic tunes that are harmonized with a modal harmonic foundation. As with Volume 1, an appendix with additional peripheral information is included for the student desiring theoretical explanation and additional examples.