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Jazz Playalongs

Jazz Rock Horn Hits
Jazz Rock
Horn Hits
Jazz Playalong
Bacharach and David
Jazz Playalong
J S Bach Jazz Playalong
Jazz Playalong
Count Basie Classics Jazz Play along
Count Basie Classics
Antonio Carlos Jobim More Hits   Antonio Carlos Jobim More Hits
Maiden Voyage All Blues Jazz Playalong   Maiden Voyage All Blues Jazz Playalong

LATIN Big Band Play-Along Volume 6

Real book Playalong CDs

Sittin' in with the Big Band

I Got Rhythm

DUKE ELLINGTON Big Band Play-Along Volume 3

It Dont Mean a Thing

DUKE ELLINGTON - Volume 1 - Bk & CD playalong

Miles Davis Volume 2 - Bk & CD Playalong

THE BLUES - Volume 3 Jazz Playalong

Jazz Ballads Volume 4 - Jazz Playalong Bk & CD

BEST OF BEBOP Volume 5 - Jazz Play Along

JAZZ CLASSICS WITH EASY CHANGES - Volume 6 Jazz Playalong Book and CD

Essential Jazz Standards Volume 7- Jazz Playalong


Dizzy Gillespie Volume 9 - Jazz Playalong

Disney Clasics Vol 10 Volume 10 - Jazz Playalong

Rogers and Hart Classics Volume 11 - Jazz Playalong Book and CD

Essential Jazz Classics Volume 12 - Playalong Book and CD

John Coltrane Vol 13 Volume 13- Jazz Playalong Book and CD

IRVING BERLIN Volume 14 - Jazz Play Along

RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN Volume 15 - Jazz Play Along

Cole Porter Volume 16 - Jazz playalong

COUNT BASIE Volume 17 - Jazz Play-Along Series

HAROLD ARLEN Volume 18 - Jazz Play-Along Series

Cool Jazz Volume 19- Bk & CD Jazz Playalong

Rogers and Hart Volume 21 Jazz Playalong

WAYNE SHORTER Volume 22 - Book and CD Playalong

Latin Jazz Volume 23 - Jazz Playalong

Early Jazz Standards Volume 24 - Jazz playalong

Christmas Jazz Volume 25 - Jazz Playalong

Charlie Parker Volume 26 - Jazz Playalong

Great Jazz Standards Volume 27 - Jazz Playalong

Big Band Era Volume 28- Jazz Playalong

Lennon and McCartney Jazz Play-Along Volume 29

Blues Best Volume 30 - Jazz Play Along Bk & CD Volume 35

JAZZ IN THREE Volume 31 - Jazz Play Along

BEST OF SWING Volume 32 - Jazz Play Along Series

SONNY ROLLINS Volume 33 - Jazz Play-Along SeriesBook & CD

ALL TIME STANDARDS Volume 34 - Jazz Play Along Bk & CD

Bluesey Jazz Volume 35 - Jazz Play Along Bk & CD

HORACE SILVER Volume 36 - Jazz Play-Along Series

Bill Evans Volume 37 - Jazz Playalong Bk & CD

YULETIDE JAZZ Jazz Play-Along Series Volume 38

All the Things You Are & More: Jerome Kern Songs Jazz Play-Along Volume 39

BOSSA NOVA Volume 40 - Jazz Play Along Series

CLASSIC DUKE ELLINGTON Volume 41 - Jazz Play-Along Series

GERRY MULLIGAN Volume 42 - FAVORITES Jazz Play-Along - Jazz Play-Along

GERRY MULLIGAN CLASSICS Volume 43 - Jazz Play Along

OLIVER NELSON Volume 44 - Book & CD

JAZZ AT THE MOVIES Volume 45 - Jazz Play Along

BROADWAY JAZZ STANDARDS Volume 46 - Jazz Play-Along Series

CLASSIC JAZZ BALLADS Volume 47 - Jazz Playalong

BEBOP CLASSICS Volume 48 - Jazz Play-Along Series

MILES DAVIS STANDARDS Volume 49 - Jazz Play-Along Series

GREAT JAZZ CLASSICS Volume 50 - Jazz Play-Along Series

UP-TEMPO JAZZ Volume 51 - Jazz Play Along Bk & CD

STEVIE WONDER Vol 52 - Jazz Play Along

Rhythm Changes Volume 53 - Jazz Play-Along Series

Moonlight in Vermont Vol 54

BENNY GOLSON Volume 55 - Jazz Play Along

Georgia on My Mind & Other Songs by Hoagy Carmichael Jazz Play-Along Volume 56

VINCE GUARALDI Volume 57 - Jazz Play Along Series,

More Lennon and McCartney Jazz Play-Along Volume 58 - Jazz Play Along Series,

Soul Jazz Jazz Play-Along Volume 59 - Jazz Play Along Series,

DEXTER GORDON Volume 60 - Jazz Play Along,

Mongo Santamaria Volume 61 - Jazz Play Along Series,

Jazz fusion Volume 62 - Jazz Play Along Series,

CLASSICAL JAZZ Volume 63 - Jazz Play Along Series,

TV Tunes Jazz Play-Along Volume 64 - Jazz Play Along Series,

Smooth Jazz Jazz Play-Along Volume 65 - Jazz Play Along Series,

A Charlie Brown Christmas Jazz Play-Along Volume 66 - Jazz Play Along Series,

CHICK COREA Volume 67 Jazz Play-Along

CHARLES MINGUS Volume 68 - Jazz Play-Along Series

CLASSIC JAZZ Volume 69 Jazz Play Along

The Doors Jazz Play-Along Volume 70

Cole Porter Classics Jazz Play-Along Volume 71

Classic Jazz Ballads Jazz Play-Along Volume 72

JAZZ/BLUES Jazz Play-Along Volume 73

BEST JAZZ CLASSICS Jazz Play-Along Volume 74

PAUL DESMOND Volume 75 - Jazz Play-Along

BROADWAY JAZZ BALLADS Jazz Play-Along Volume 76

JAZZ ON BROADWAY Jazz Play-Along Volume 77

STEELY DAN Jazz Play-Along Volume 78

Miles Davis Classics Jazz Play-Along Volume 79

JIMI HENDRIX Jazz Play-Along Volume 80

FRANK SINATRA - CLASSICS Jazz Play-Along Volume 81

FRANK SINATRA - CLASSICS Jazz Play-Along Volume 82

ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER Jazz Play-Along Volume 83

BOSSA NOVA CLASSICS Jazz Play-Along Volume 84

MOTOWN HITS Jazz Play-Along Volume 85

BENNY GOODMAN Jazz Play-Along Volume 86

DIXIELAND Volume 87 - Jazz Play-Along

DUKE ELLINGTON FAVORITES Volume 88 - Jazz Play-Along

DISNEY FAVORITES Jazz Play-Along Volume 93

RAY Jazz Play-Along Volume 94

JAZZ AT THE LOUNGE Jazz Play-Along Volume 95

LATIN JAZZ STANDARDS Jazz Play-Along Volume 96

DAVE FRISHBERG Volume 98- Jazz Play-Along

SWINGING STANDARDS Jazz Play-Along Volume 99

BUD POWELL Jazz Play-Along Volume 101

JAZZ POP Jazz Play-Along Volume 102


ELTON JOHN Jazz Play-Along Volume 104

SLO' JAZZ Jazz Play-Along Volume 106

MOTOWN CLASSICS Jazz Play-Along Volume 107