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Shopping tips

We have recently installed shopping carts to this site for convenience. For some this is a welcome improvement featuring "secure order forms" where all information, credit card numbers are encrypted for your protection, confirmation numbers, invoices with shipping costs which are all totaled and
provided by a touch of the button.

For some people ...this is not exactly what they want. Automation can be a turnoff. They would rather call an order in by phone or e-mail with a response from customer service. We still do this at all times. Below are some tips for either preference to make shopping more fun.


We have provided a Manual Order selection at the top of each page of catagories. This will provide an easy form in which you can simply type in your selections, name and address and payment information. Press the "Submit" button on the top of the page and it's done.

Another manual option is to simply write your selection down on a piece of paper, (use item numbers or titles) and call us at (802) 334 2437 or fax us at (802) 334 2457

For all other communication our email address is



1.Make a selection. You will see a screen with title, item number description and prices. You will notice the "add" button (lower left). Press this to add to your shopping cart. (Do not press checkout button at this time if you would like to continue shopping).

2.If you would like to continue Shopping, press the blue and yellow "Click Here to Continue Shopping" link on top of the page. This will bring you back to the page with the book you just bought. Go to the top left hand corner and click the "back to " link, this will get you back to the menu.

3.Lets pretend now that you have purchased three items and have decided to change your order and eliminate one of the things you have already added to your shopping cart. Go to the green column in the middle of the order detail box marked "Remove from order". Check the box below and then hit the "Save" button.

4.Now, continue shopping? Press the("Click Here To Continue shopping" link at top of page) or check out? (Press button on bottom of page "Checkout"). Let's check out.

5.Fill out the address form on the following page, Look over your order. Press the "Save and Proceed with Payment Selection"

6. A new screen will appear, you may pay by master, visa, amex, C.O.D.(C.O.D. available for US orders only) or Check. Choose one. Then choose how you would like to submit your credit card number: mail, fax, phone, or secure online or mail for a check.

7. Press the "order now" button at the bottom of the page.

8. Now if you paid by credit card and ordered by secure online you will be asked to fill in your number and expiration date. Please keep in mind we have a secure server which means that the credit card number while in transit will be scrambled so it can not be stolen for your safety. Enter your card number and press the arrows to choose the expiration in the boxes and press "Confirm the Order" button at the bottom of the page. The process is complete, a new page will come up. Save the confirmation number.

9. If you have decided to pay by check, fax the cc#, call the credit card number in by phone or mail the credit card number, the last page after you enter your name ,address etc will be a blank form which you can print out and then send or fax.

10. IMPORTANT...The Shopping Cart and Secure Server are highly sophisticated systems that will not work well with some of the older browsers. If your system is a little outdated and you are having problems, please use the manual order form. You will find a link to it from this page as well as on all the category/titles pages.



phone: (802) 334 2437
fax: (802) 334 2457


Write to: Playjazz, P.O. Box 77, Newport VT. 05855 U.S.A.


1. All major credit cards accepted (Master, Visa, Discover and American Express)

2. C.O.D. - on U.S. Orders only

3. Checks - Payable in U.S. funds


We ship worldwide via airmail......

U.S. Shipping costs $4.00 first item and $1.25 per item thereafter;

All other countries shipping costs will be determined at time of order by weight and distance.